Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What Is a Slab Leak and Why Is It Important?

A slab leak is a leaking pipe that resides under the concrete foundation of your home or building. 


A slab leak results from a variety of causes, and they are most frequently caused in climates with clay soil. The contracting and expanding of the soil can extensively damage the pipes underneath the foundation. Additionally, they can result from the corrosion of iron or copper pipes as they interact with our drinking water and improper repairs to both pipes and foundation.


Unlike above ground leaks that show visible signs of initial water damage, slab leaks can go undetected for extended periods of time. Typically the first sign of an underground leak is damage to the structure of the home as the foundation begins to be affected. These signs can be uneven or cracked floors, which indicate already extensive and costly damage to your home. To prevent this damage, it is important to pay attention to the sounds of running water when all household faucets are off, as this is a subtle early indicator of leaking pipes, and noticing it is beneficial in preventing damage.

Detection and Repair

Because repairs are difficult due to limited access, it is important to hire an expert plumber. He will use specialty listening devices to locate the source of the leak, and once identified, he will break a hole in the foundation. After he has gained access to the leak, it is a quick and easy repair.

If you believe you have a slab leak make sure to contact a plumber as soon as possible. For further information on slab leak repair in Carlsbad visit this website.

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