Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Simple Plumbing Terms You Should Know

First, you should understand that your home plumbing system has two distinct components. One substructure brings freshwater into the house, while the other removes wastewater. Every drop that enters your property is under pressure to help it move efficiently from point A to B. Your piping will have multiple valves and meters to help you and technicians monitor the plumbing network. Here are some helpful terms to know.

Fittings are used to connect different segments of piping or tubing within the system. They come in various sizes and shapes and can serve to regulate or measure fluid flow. Fittings can come elbow shaped to allow for a bend in the line or even serve to start several new branches.

The safety relief valve is also known as the pressure or temperature relief valve. Though your water heater has a number of regulation measures, unforeseen incidents happen. The valve will open to relieve internal temperature or pressure if it exceeds a designated range.

Water filters are designed to remove tastes, odors, sediment and/or excessive iron. Taste, odor and sediment filters must be replaced regularly, while iron barriers naturally regenerate. Water softener is a two-tank system that keeps calcium and magnesium levels at an acceptable level.

The pressure tank is a basic component of a private plumbing system. It stores water in a pressurized state so it can move freely through the supply system. It prevents excessive wear and tear on the pump and can provide more pressure on an as needed basis. To learn more about a plumbing contractor in Carlsbad, please visit this website.

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